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Nora Dominguez, Realtor

We have been in Weston since 1992. We have seen the city grow and flourish into a beautiful, well organized, well kept place full of dynamic faces from all walks of life.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I have a Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Technology and a Master Degree in Education in Educational Administration. I have more than ten years of teaching and administrative experience.

In 1995 I entered the real estate world and since then, I have matured into a versatile, results oriented real estate professional with extensive experience in the residential market. I am highly motivated, able to set effective priorities. I have the ability to establish trusting relationships with individuals, positively relate with public from diverse backgrounds and most of all, I have a genuine desire to be of service to people.

It has been my pleasure to help many families find their new home, schools, doctors, shops, libraries, groceries stores, etc., when they have relocated to South Florida. I have soothed “the always” difficult move. I have been there, so I know!!!

On the other hand, I have also assisted other families on their way out. Armed with diverse property sales tactics, I have listed and sold their properties to their satisfaction.

I am sure I can do the same for you!!!

Nora Dominguez

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